Business Mindset Tip # 2

Success happens in “must haves”

We all are hungry for success and we also know that it requires us to change. Change in our focus, in our priorities, in our work ethic, in our habits, and more than often our associations. As much as it is harder to change, it is a necessity if you want to succeed in anything.


You will realize that, you have been able to change something and the change was long lasting when you decided that you “MUST” have it. When in your mind you make the shift from “should have” to “must have” you know you are on your way to long lasting change. It needs to hit you so hard that you do not see any other way around. This is the only way you can improve and grow.

Go back and look at the decisions you took that made a significant difference in your life and you will realize ┬áthat it was always because you decided you “MUST” need to do it. It’s once again time to get into the same mental state and declare – I must have!

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