Can you count on yourself?


How many times have you made New Year resolution of losing weight and have not been able to accomplish it? How many times have you made the decision to love more, laugh more etc and not able to keep to your promise? Why is it that we are so motivated and determined to get the job done while making resolution and then cannot follow through? Is it because of the following?

  • We lack self discipline
  • We lack motivation
  • We make decisions when we are at an emotional high and then as the high wears off, the decision to stick to it also wears off
  • We have no one to answer for our resolutions?

No matter what the reasons are, the point remains that we could not keep up to our own words. One of the main reasons why people fail to succeed is because they do not hold themselves accountable for their own words. This is coupled by the lack of discipline and consistency that one needs to be successful. Too many of us want to be successful, however do not want to go through the rigour of what it takes to be successful. I wish there was one pill that can be taken and the transformation happens. Unfortunately it does not work that way.

Some months back, I was in a similar situation. I have always been an athlete and enjoyed sports. However, with growing responsibilities and lack of determination, I was slacking when it came to my personal health. I had enough reasons to justify why I could not find the time and each of them were very valid. No matter what I told to others, the fact remained that I knew the real truth. It is not that I did not want it, maybe I did not want it bad enough. It was bothersome to me but had not reached the stage of annoyance. It was like a dog sitting on a nail, however the pain was not so bad that the dog wanted to get up and find another place to sit.

As days passed, I was realizing the fact that I was just fooling myself and I needed to do something about it soon. I would start working out for a couple of days and then not do work the rest of the week. I was not able to discipline myself to get into a daily habit. There was no lack of knowledge; there sure was lack of discipline. Then one day – it just happened like I was stuck by a lightening or something. I just decided – enough is enough and I am going to put a stop to this. Then the next step I took was in my opinion – the best thing I could do to myself. I not only started my first workout but I dared to write a post about it with a self inflicted goal of sticking through it for the next 60 days. I always knew that if I claimed it boldly, I will have to stick to it. I am not yet done my 60 days – but I can tell you that the transformation is so encouraging. Not only have i transformed, but I have been able to motivate so many of my friends into it and it feels great.

So here are my suggestions to make sure how you can achieve your goals:

Dare to show PDA (personal display of accountability) – Claim your goals boldly and share it with the people who matter to you and who care for your well being. Get an accountability partner, someone who will push you. You can even do it on Face book, or any social media platform. This is what will force you to stick to the plan as you will have to be accountable.

Set a time limit – A goal without a deadline is just a wish list. So it is imperative that you set a timeline to achieve the goal. Set the timeline and forget about it and just focus on the activity.

Don’t look for perfection – Do a little bit every day, take one day at a time.  It is okay to not be perfect, but make sure you do the work which will take you closer to your goal EVERYDAY.

Review and tweak – If you keep doing the work without reviewing, you might end up at the wrong end. When you use an axe to cut a tree, you need to stop and sharpen it too in order for you to get maximum results. This is no different. You need to review your work to check for any tweaking that might be needed.

Celebrate small wins – In order to stay motivated to the goal, we need to see some victories along the way. Take the time to celebrate success, even if they are small. This will help you to stay upbeat and wanting to do more.

Everyone loves the success but very few take the time to find out what it takes to be successful. If we could do what successful people have done, then we can be there too. One of the biggest attribute of being successful is to be accountable to your words – to your own words before to anyone else. The above mentioned pointers have helped me stay on course and I am sure if you are able to follow it diligently, there is no reason why it will not help you too.


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