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How Important Is Personal Branding

Personal branding – is it even relevant? This is a question I often get asked. When mentioned branding – it is by default associated with a product or company, never with an individual. Why is that? Don’t we all have a certain image that is perceived by the outside world? Would you agree that you are known for certain things based on how you interact? If the answers to the questions are “yes” then every individual is a brand on its own. Whether you are a business, a product or an individual we all need our own identity, in other words a brand statement. Whether you chose to consciously work on it to develop it or it gets formed by default is a choice every business and individuals have.

Personal branding has been a topic of discussion for few years now and it has started to gather momentum. This is the time of specialization, gone are the days when you were valued because you could do multiple things. Social media has made things very transparent; at a click of a button people can have even information about you. It is time that we start paying focused attention on our personal brand statement. It is a way to create that trust and dramatically improve conversion rate. Whether you use your personal brand to consult, freelance, or drive more traffic and trust to your company, it’s vitally important to establish one to stay competitive.

Here are some steps that will help you start developing your own personal branding:

Step 1: Know thyself (your expertise)

Before you establish your expertise, you need to decide on what you want to be known for. General statements like “human resources” or “finance” is not enough – you need to figure out what is your niche. There are tons of people competing for the same; hence carving out your niche is the only way you are going to stay ahead of your competition. The potential audience might get smaller with the niche but it will be the relevant people. Specificity is a trade of volume for significance.

Step 2: Let people know

The best way to let people know about your area of expertise is to do it through content marketing. Writing and publishing relevant content will help you build your online reputation and will also come in handy for people to know you. You can do it by starting your own blog, writing as a guest blogger and also publishing in Linkedin. Remember consistency is everything, so make sure you are posting content at least on a weekly basis.

Step 3: Align your social media profiles

Social media is the engine which is fueled by content. Pay attention to the details of your social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and make sure they’re consistently in line with your personal brand standards. Make sure to post updates regularly (at least once a day for Facebook and LinkedIn, at least a few times a day for Twitter), and don’t be afraid to re-post your older content for your new followers.

Step 4: Learn to be a story teller

Just being online is not enough to create your brand. People need to hear your stories, gather enough material through case studies that you can share. Stories are a very powerful way of sharing your message, expertise and building the trust. Look for events where you can speak and share. This will help establish you as an expert.

Step 5: Your network is your net worth

Get out of your comfort zone and start putting that hand out to meet more people in your area of expertise. Look for events both offline and online where you can share your knowledge, interact and build your branding. Don’t just join a group, participate. Make those connections with anybody who can be valuable to you. The more opportunities you have to meet people and talk, the better.

As with everything, it takes time and effort to build your brand too. Stay consistent with your efforts, pay attention to how your audience is responding to your content and make changes accordingly. Rome was not built in a day, so be patient but above all be consistent. Get in touch with me to get your 60 min FREE analysis


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Business Mindset Tip # 2

Success happens in “must haves”

We all are hungry for success and we also know that it requires us to change. Change in our focus, in our priorities, in our work ethic, in our habits, and more than often our associations. As much as it is harder to change, it is a necessity if you want to succeed in anything.


You will realize that, you have been able to change something and the change was long lasting when you decided that you “MUST” have it. When in your mind you make the shift from “should have” to “must have” you know you are on your way to long lasting change. It needs to hit you so hard that you do not see any other way around. This is the only way you can improve and grow.

Go back and look at the decisions you took that made a significant difference in your life and you will realize  that it was always because you decided you “MUST” need to do it. It’s once again time to get into the same mental state and declare – I must have!

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How do I get comfortable being uncomfortable?

We all love our comfort zones, the happy, cushy feeling, and the feeling of being in a safe and secured place where we know that we can excel. Any change in that environment gets us all flustered trying to figure out a way to get back to our comfort zone as quickly as possible. However, the reality is that if we do not get out of our comfort zone, we cannot grow. Doing the same things everyday and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. In order for things to change, we need to change and that means we have to face some unknown environments, new grounds, which may be completely opposite to what we are used to.  To get to the next level, we need to expand our minds and thinking and change our habits because our current thinking and habits got us to where we are.

Last week, I was put in a similar situation. I do not like to be in front of a camera or take videos. If it is done without my knowledge, then I can do it, however, posing is not something I enjoy. I was challenged to launch my own YouTube channel. It meant not just a minute of photo, doing a video for 2-3 minutes.  As much I was resisting it, I knew it was suggested for my own good, and I have to get it done. I took a couple of days to think through what I want to talk about and finally did it. You can got to the link and check out the video at  It is work in progress, but at least the next time it would be easier to do.

The way I work is I need to be put in uncomfortable situation to be challenged, and I love being challenged. I believe we are open to change and adapt if the reason to do the change is loud and clear. As long as we can see how it will benefit in the long run, we eventually get it done. Here are ways I look at things when put in an uncomfortable situation and cope with the stress of the time in the edgy zone. Hopefully, they will help you stretch bigger, farther and faster.

Clear your head.images (2)

Every time I try something new and different, my inner voice gets really loud. The only way to make it quiet is to clear the noise around me and inside. I love working out, especially go for a run, music or little meditation or prayer goes a long way in providing space and calm to  both my head and soul readying me for the adventure to come.

 Write about the process.Process_Mapping1

When you are feeling uncomfortable, you need to release the tension. Writing about it is a great way to express the feelings and relieve the pressure. It also helps organize your thoughts and emotions so you can get a clear picture of the path ahead.


If you are going to put yourself through a bit of hell you are certainly entitled to a bit of heaven as well. Get yourself something nice. Indulge with that once-a-year restaurant. You are taking risks and working hard. Show yourself you appreciate you for making this happen.

Share your journey.images (1)

Even though some challenges are yours and yours alone. But that doesn’t mean you have to feel lonely in the process. Include your closest friends or a great coach in the process so they can support you and be entertained by your struggles and eventual success. If you can entice another friend to join you on the journey, it’s even better.

Finish the easy task first.remote-working-1024x640

When you are pushing for a breakthrough, everything can seem hard. Make sure you set time away for simple tasks that you have mastered previously. This will rebuild your confidence and remind you that you have broken through the difficulty before.

 Take the plunge.relationship_with_God

Toe dipping into the danger zone makes it hard to really get things going. Jump in full body into the process. Being fully immersed in an uncomfortable environment may be more stressful, but at least you’ll get the whole experience moving and get to the success side quicker.

Celebrate every wins.4449424-3x2-940x627

The struggle through growth provides a steady good kind of pain and suffering, but it’s generally a long process and not a quick event. Set recognizable milestones to the process and get excited every time you reach one. Be proud and pleased with each progressive step you achieve. Then party big time when you get to the finish line.

Hope this will help you get comfortable and handle uncomfortable situations or challenging situation. We all have immense capability within us. It’s just a matter of digging deep and bringing it out and experiencing it. So dig deeper, work on yourself and see the transformation in you!

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Why? Why? Why?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself – why do you do what you do? Did you ever bother to think if there was a best alternative to what you do currently? Is there a best way to do things? Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself – what is it that you really want out of your life? I know for some of you these questions are intimidating, probably even irritating. It does not matter if you are a student, an employee, a business owner, an artist or whatever it may be. I am sure wherever you are today are the results of the choices you made along the way. Did you just go with the flow or you took the time to think and plan your path till now. If you are one of the people that only went with the flow, I have some good news for you. Really? Yes, I do – you will be surprised to know that you are not alone.

German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’ Knowing your why is an important first step in figuring out how to achieve the goals that excite you and create a life you enjoy living (versus merely surviving!). Indeed, only when you know your ‘why’ will you find the courage to take the risks needed to get ahead, stay motivated when the chips are down, and move your life onto an entirely new, more challenging, and more rewarding trajectory. Do you know that the average 4-year-old girl asks 390 questions per day? The majority of them are, “Why?” Yet, as we grow older, we tend to ask questions, and just go with the daily grind. We are so caught up in our rut that we forget to take the time to stop and think and ask ourselves – why do I do what I do?  This is one of the most vital things you can do to progress in life. Mind you, your why will change from time to time. Your why you had as a 20 years old may not hold true when you are in your 40’s. So it is important for us to keep revisiting, keep rethinking and keep tweaking.

Knowing your why creates in you this incredibly strong drive, power, energy and focus. A motivation,  that enables you to stand firm through tough times, and to wake up in the mornings with a positive outlook on your life. Suddenly, your world is about so much more than just yourself. In fact, it is actually less about yourself – it is about other people and something bigger.  As you know, I am working on my first book and one of the people I interviewed recommended me the book “Start with why.” I am blown away, by the way, the author thinks. You can get all the resources at Simon Sinek is described as a “visionary thinker with a rare intellect’, Sinek teaches leaders and organizations how to inspire people. With a bold goal to help build a world in which vast majority of people go home every day feeling fulfilled by their work, Sinek is a leading a movement to inspire people to do things that inspires them. Among all the accolades, Sinek is an adjunct staff member of the RAND Corporation, one of the most highly regarded think tanks in the world. He is also active in the arts and not-for-profit world, working with charity: water, an organization devoted to helping bring clean water to over 700 million people around the world who don’t yet have it. This is one site of you take the time to absorb all the knowledge that is shared here will take you to a new level.


Some of the most influential leaders of our time were all driven by their powerful why. Think of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Abraham Lincoln to name a few. Something bigger than themselves drove them.

  • What is your why?
  • Why do you do what you do?

 Take the time today, dig deeper and work on your why!







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Facing our fears

872922We are all afraid of something; some have fear of darkness, height, rejection, public speaking and the list are endless. Have you ever realized that when we were a child, we never thought about the consequences to our actions? That suggest that we did not know what fear was – we were not fearful of anything. If you look at a child, he is not afraid of jumping from anywhere, touching the hot plate, blowing the candles on his birthday and wishing for the stars or for that matter, taking a cloth and using it as a cape to be the super-power who is ready to conquer the world.

So where and how did we develop all these fears? We all come to this life with a positive view about the world. We were excited and imaginative, and we saw the entire universe as our playground. Then somewhere between college and middle-age, many of the us seem to lose that optimism for life. Possibly this stems from telling ourselves that we have to “grow up” and become more realistic. On the other hand, perhaps it’s caused by those doubts that creep into our heads, making us wonder if we are just not good enough to ever be that superhero. Or could it simply be the result of running ourselves ragged trying to meet the demands of those around us. Whatever the reason, we began creating barriers and limitations for ourselves that caused us to either try, fail, and give up; or even more prevalent, caused us to fail to try at all.

A great read about this topic is a book by Susan Jeffers in my early 20s about overcoming fear called “Feel the Fear…and Do It Anyway.” The book helps explain that having fears isn’t something to be ashamed of, as everyone has fears. Rather, the book suggests that when we feel afraid, we should think through the possible outcome which is causing our greatest fear and then realize that even if that outcomes were to happen, we would find a way to work through it. Sure, having to work through a negative outcome may not be easy or fun, but we will, in fact, find a way to move beyond it. By going through the exercise of dealing in our minds with the worst-case scenario, it allows us to shift our thinking mentally, from “I can’t handle it” to “I will get through it.” This allows ourselves to move forward in spite of our fears.

I have a fear of water, as in swimming in the ocean or just dive into the deep water. It stems from an incident that happened at the Jumeriah beach in Dubai almost 16 years ago where I was saved by my husband from drowning. That time I did not know much swimming. Although, I can swim far better than that time, the fear that got imprinted on my brain still lingers whenever I am near ocean or deep water. This weekend I decided to get rid of that fear. I cannot say that I have fully conquered it, but I am better than when I started. I was at the beach this past weekend at the Pacific Ocean. The waves were really choppy and hug. The tides were huge and  the water was reaching the shores so much that they were covering the whole sand part. I had made up my mind and was not about to let my fear keep me away from enjoying the ocean. What I did was, I faced the ocean and spoke to it and kept saying inside my head – “come hit me, how hard can you hit.” I could just see that I was not afraid of the water and could let myself submerge without fear. I did not realize but my husband noticed that for the first time, I was enjoying in the Pacific Ocean like a child. We all have it in our mind – conquer it, do not let it get to you.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but the mastery of it” –Victor Hugo

C.S. Lewis once said, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”  It doesn’t matter what stage you are in your life right now. It doesn’t matter how young or how old you are. At any point in time, you can decide to change your life, to go after the things you really want. Would it be taking a risk? May be. Anytime we take a step into the unknown we are taking a risk. That’s why it’s called the unknown. So what if you don’t like the unknown once you get there? Then you will find a way to change it or to move past it. You will. And what if the unknown turns out to be more amazing than you could have ever imagined it to be? Well, there is only one way to find out, isn’t there.

So dig deep you guys – face the fears and do it any ways!!!!

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Connecting the dots with networking

As I sat to write my post for the blog, huge surges of thoughts are running through my mind. It is like a slide show going through my head, images after images and memories that have been created and cherished over period of time. Each moment, image, time spent is like a drawing carved on a stone which is here to stay, and the best part is each one is created with so much heart, love and heart. It is amazing how our life shapes up over a period of time. Never thought like a child that one day I will be able to create so many memories over so many places around the world. As I run my slide show in my head, I have the only word – which is gratitude. Every incident in life happens for a reason, there are no accidents. Each one is there for a purpose, either to make us stronger, to appreciate what we have, to learn from it or just simply cherish every bit of it. We always hear the hind side is 20/20 – indeed it is. If you ever take the time to look back at your life and the things that happened and if you were to connect the dots you will realize that each one of them had to happen for you to move to the next one. It is amazing how it all takes shape. To summarize one thing that is a common thread is creating lasting relationships.

I come from a very humble background where my father did his best to provide the best, and my mother stayed at home. Money ran out before the month and every day my parents worried how they will provide the best and fulfill their duties as good parents. They had to sacrifice a lot to provide us the best education, and I made sure that I never let them down. I was constantly resourceful, consistently figured out a way to get what I wanted. I guess I understood the power of networking at a very early stage of my life. I am a people person so creating lasting relationship with people was never a challenge. I believe that you got to be genuine, and that’s the only way to create lasting relationships. More than ever, now is the time to network and collaborate. Gone are the days where you need to know everything to be successful. Today’s mantra is collaboration and networking. Collaborate and work together and march forward.

We often consider “networking” as a taboo. What we fail to recognize is all great organizations are constantly collaborating. Even within the same industry, companies are networking and collaborating with each other because that’s the only way you can offer better product to the consumer. That’s just the reality, whether we like or not. If you are a new entrant to the business ownership world, you need to learn this art quickly if you already do not possess. This is one art that will take you a long way. Not only will your learning curve will be short, but you will meet some amazing people who will be there with open arms to help you and give you that initial break that every fresh entrepreneur is looking for. Above all, in order to grow your business, you will need to reach out to people and make meaningful connections. Hence, it is in your best interest that you learn this skill quickly. Soon there will come a time, when people seek you out to network and that will be your way to give back to the community.

A great book that can help you is called “Never eat alone” by Keith Ferrazzi. This book will help you understand that your network is your net worth. Imagine if you had a network like Facebook, would your business be successful? Shun the prejudices you have grown up with – adapt to the new business techniques and soar to success. As I said in my previous post, the only thing that is the truth is “change.” We all can make a change for a better future, so do not limit yourself. Open your mind for new ideas and thoughts and keep digging deep!

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Embracing change

Embracing Change


Change the word we all are weary about – we all have to go through it whether we like it or not.  Change puts us in uncomfortable surroundings and none of us like to be in. What we need to realise that whether it is for good or bad, change is the only constant in life. More than often when we look back we realize that it all worked out good. The funny thing is we know all this and yet we always fight the “change”. It is just not comfortable to embrace change without flinching.

I am a big believer of the power of universe – I truly believe that if you send your desires and expectations with utmost belief, strong work ethic to achieve it and positivity, the universe has to grant it to you. I would definitely say that the books “Secret” and “Magic” by Rhonda Byrne has really helped me redefine my thoughts and the way I look at things and in the bargain shape my life. If you are going through a phase of life where nothing make sense and you feel that anything you do is not resulting into progress, take the time to read the two books and let it help you change you. Keep an open mind when you read it and do the suggested exercise with faith and see the magic happen in your life. About 6 months back, I was down and under beaten by life and its challenges. It felt like the harder I worked to make our life better the faster I was regressing. It came to a point where I wondered whether it will ever get better and started questioning my capabilities. It would not be wrong to say that I was heading for depression and my self confidence was rock bottom. Mind you I was a team leader of a multi-level company and have over 200 people in my team who looked up to me for hope. I felt as if I was living two lives – one I would put up as a game face and another one when I was by myself. It was really getting tough as I am a genuine person inside and out and here I was trying to give hope to people with no hope for myself. Thankfully I had a few close friends who always stood by me and understood me and always believed in me. This is when I came across the book “Magic” and I must say I held on to that book and it has really transformed my life.

As I write this post, I am sitting in Costa Rica as we had to relocate from Toronto because of my husband’s job. It is indeed a big change in our life. Never thought we would be living in Central America, always dreamt of being in North America. We have been living in Toronto for almost 13 years and suddenly to uproot everything and move to an unknown country, different language, different culture and just about everything. So what do you do – sit and whine about it or say let’s explore. It’s all in your attitude. You can either think that you are one of the few chosen one who gets to see another part of the world, learn another language (Spanish) or keep complaining. The choice is totally yours. We have decided to make this move, a way to start an amazing life. Do our kids have to make changes – of course but they will react the way, they see their parents react about the change. We chose to believe that with the new change will come new and better beginnings. We truly believe that this is the second wind that we were looking for; it will catapult growth and prosperity in every area of our life. Sure it is not going to be a cake walk but it cannot be that difficult too, it’s the way you look at things.

Let the change, change you, embrace it with open arms because in order for things to get better, it has to go through a change. Remember a caterpillar cannot transform into a beautiful butterfly until it allows it to become a cocoon and stay there until it is the right time. If the caterpillar fights that change it can never be as beautiful and free flying around. We all have hidden powers that we need to bring it out – we need to let it go and let universe work to change us.

Face it, embrace it, accept it!!

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Entrepreunership Tips

Entrepreneurship is great for so many reasons. From having more flexible work hours to being your own boss and everything in between, it’s no wonder more and more people are starting their own businesses, especially women. Because women are so good at multi-tasking, this trend is on its rise and going to stay. So more power to you women out there who are running your own business.

Having said that, it does comes with its own set of things to manage. Especially for a women entrepreneur who is constantly trying to strike that perfect balance between the business and family responsibilities. He are some tips to empower you to make sure your business run successfully:

  1. Get social through social media – An extremely powerful tool when used effectively. If you are a small business owner, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are tools you need to know and use effectively. There’s no doubt that social media presence is important to a business’s marketing strategy. And if you’re not familiar with social media, you take online courses to understand how to use such platforms to build up your business. A great place to learn is
  2. Use your networks – Being a small business owner is stressful, so use your network to form a reliable support system. By joining industry groups, you can have access to valuable information and experiences of others. Almost all the time, people are there to help you and at times lead you to your first client. Don’t have the free time to network in person? Try turning to online communities instead. Here is one such community if you are in the salon business
  3. Learn to delegate –If you are an amazing at managing your house all by yourself, delegation can be a really tough one for you. However, you have to come to terms with the fact that in order for you to have a successful business, you need to delegate. As a small business owner it is important to be flexible to the demands of your work and it is equally important to learn how to create flexibility in work to have the balance. You can hire trustworthy people, and initially could be temporary or part time help to manage your business with a balance. It always helps to make your team bear responsibility of important

    projects as it creates a sense of belonging.
  4. Let your home life inspire you – Regardless of whether you own a business, most of you already hold the title of CEO in your home. Managing multiple demands of household, children, spouse, social obligations, and schedules is almost like running a business. All you need to do is to transfer those skills and passion into your business and manage it run smoothly.
  5. Never stop searching –No big business is built on using your existing network and resources — you always have to stay on the prowl for new business leads. Meeting new people and reaching out to different groups and forums should be a constant strategy to build new leads.
  6. Invest in tools – Make sure you invest in tools that make your business run smoothly. Create systems in place, as the business grows, there are no challenges of scalability. There are tools that will make sure that you start your business on the right foot from the beginning especially when it comes to accounting, time trackers (if you have part-time workers), payroll etc. Make the tools your slave and let them work for you.


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How clear is your vision?


I know what you are thinking – has she now changed over to Ophthalmology?  Just because you have a set of great working eyes through which you can see clearly, does not mean that you have a clear vision. Even bible says that a man without a vision shall perish – my goal is to not get spiritual here. However if Bible thinks every man needs to have a vision, imagine what would what successful principle book would say?

Nothing big can be achieved without a vision. Every significant thing that has been created or achieved was first conceived by someone in their minds. They saw it happening in the eyes of their mind and then worked hard to make it a reality. It is so unfortunate to see so many people who just go through life one day at a time without any dreams, aspirations or a desire to do anything significant. Statistics shows that only 20% of people in the world have

Here is a story of an amazing visionary. Phillip Petit is a French high-wire artist who gained fame in 1974 for his high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. At an early age, the boy discovered magic and juggling. He loved to climb, and at 16, he took his first steps on a tightrope wire. Petit learned everything by himself, during a period when he was also expelled from five different schools. In his teens, Petit learned about the World Trade Center construction project in New York City. He read about the project that proposed building of the twin towers while waiting in a dentist’s office, and spent years planning to walk a high wire between the two buildings. Before he went to New York, however, Petit took on several other amazing tightrope challenges. In 1971, he traveled between the towers of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on a wire. Two years later, he crossed the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia. In each instance, he had the help of friends in pulling off these impressive stunts.

In late 1973, Petit traveled to New York City. He spent months studying the World Trade Center’s twin towers. To visit the site, Petit assumed a number of disguises, including being a reporter and a construction worker. He took photographs and made measurements. With help of friends, Petit started hiding his equipment in the towers in early August. He and accomplices then tucked themselves away in the buildings on August 6, 1973, to prepare for the big event. In the morning of August 7, Petit stepped onto the tightrope, which was suspended between the two towers. A crowd of thousands soon gathered to watch the man on the wire more than 1,300 feet above them. For 45 minutes, Petit practically danced on the thin metal line.

It took Philip 6 years of planning and practicing to master that walk. The most important thing is Phillip conceived the idea by just looking at the picture of World Trade Center, it was not even built. That is what is called an absolute clear vision. In order for anyone to achieve anything significant, it is imperative to have a clear vision. When the vision is clear, you will be able to put the work behind it to make it come to fruition. The path will not always be easy but if our vision is crystal clear and we know for sure what we are after, nothing can stop us. No set back will be big enough to keep you away from achieving our vision or goal.

It’s about time that you create a clear vision for yourself. If you are not able to do it, ask for help, get mentoring or guidance from a person who has the fruit on the tree and not your family or neighbor. Clear your cobwebs, carve a vision for yourself, and then all you got to do is to dig deeper within you. Keep digging deep and keep enjoying the journey!


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Are you limiting yourself ?

self-love-woman-849x400We all have knowingly or unknowingly set a bar for ourselves that holds us back. It tells us how much is our limit, how far can we go, how big can we think and achieve. Some of us work diligently to raise that bar and some of us are not even aware that we have one. Get concious of your limits, work on increasing it through books and surrounding yourself with people who refuse to limit their capabilities.

As I continue my journey for my book and have the honor, pleasure and priviledge to meet with bold, beautiful, confident, fiery, limitless powerful women, I cannot help but notice that all of them have one major thing in common – they have never limited themselves. The road they were walking was not always easy and who says it will be, but these women did not let anything come in their way. Each one of them had every reason to throw in the towel, because it the going did get tough, but every time they faced a challenge, they became even stronger. I am really thankful that they did not because if they did, there won’t be a story today. They would have never reach where they are.

We all know that diamonds are girl’s best friend. Have you ever thought that in order for a diamond to be pretty and nice and be the most valuable ornate that every girl/woman aspires to have, the metal has to go through heat (thousands of degrees) and pressure (130,000 atmospheres) that can typically only be found about 90 to 100 miles below the surface of the Earth, deep within the mantle. So you see, all good things in life comes from some hard work and pressure. This is the law of nature. If that is so, then why worry when you go through trials and tribulations in your life on your journey to accomplish your dreams and goals.

The one thing that I have taken away from all the six interviews that I have done so far is that we are the architects of our own life. We are the only one who limits ourselves . We put barriers and limitations to the level of success we can achieve.

It’s about time we confront our limitations. Don’t settle for average or mediocrity. We are all made for greatness and we can have it just like many others. So dig deep within, bring out the dormant desires, the aspirations, and the dreams and work hard and get them. 



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