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I am Learning – Are You?

The time between my last post and today as I write has been very exciting. I am extremely fortunate to have got the opportunity to meet some amazing people as I continue my journey for Onwards, my book. They are people just like us, the same two eyes, two hands, one nose, two legs but the magic is all in the three pound brain. That is what differentiate us from each other.

So far, I have finished interviewing 3 amazing women and I can assure you that you are in for a treat when you read their journey. The reason to succeed could be different for all of us but the road to success is the same. There is a common thread amongst all of them. The fire in the belly and the desire to do more in their lifetime. Each story is so different than the other, yet you can almost string them together to create an amazing harmony.  Without giving too much details, here are some nuggets that you can take note of and start implementing in your life to elevate it to the next level:

Never give up: In order to succeed in anything, you have to develop the resilient attitude. I am sure you have heard the saying – “Winners never quit and quitters never win”. In order for you to see your dream to fruition, you got to hang in there, do whatever it takes to make sure that you make your dream come true. Never ever give up on your dream.

Be responsible: So often you hear people making excuses for why they could not achieve something. I am not saying your excuses are not genuine, but either you give excuses or you figure it out. Be accountable for your actions, take charge of your life and work so hard that universe has to grant your wishes. No can do it for you and no one will – so if it is up to anyone it is only up to you.

Stay strong: Adversity is part of life, which is the law of the nature. We all have to go through our share of adversity. It is how we deal with it and what we do when we are going through an adversity will make us or break us. Don’t get so focused on the challenge that you can no longer see the solution. Because in adversity there definitely is an equal or greater seed of opportunity. You need to keep your adversity in rear view and not let it tale over your windshield.

Shift your focus:  Most people are running after making money in their desire to get wealthy. What they do not realize is that most wealthy people have never run after the money. They always believed in a cause so boldly and pursued it with so much passion and belief that the idea started to generate money. If you just focus on making the money, you might not be able to persist for long, however when you are passionate what you are doing, you will see it till the end no matter what, thereby making you successful.

The above mentioned nuggets do not come so easily, you need to work on it on a daily basis. Dig deep inside you to see what moves you, what inspires you and follow your heart. Surround yourself with things, people that will continue to fuel the fire of achievement in you. Seek out help to make sure you stay on course. Have an open mind to listen and learn. Work on a bigger heart because those who serve the masses, live in classes.


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Planning for your plan

iStock_000008515543Large1Last week I talked about a simple truth of success which we all know but conveniently forget, which is the fact that success comes from discipline, the daily habits and actions. In order to be disciplined, you need to have set some goals and worked out a plan to achieve it. Because goals without a deadline and plan is just wishful thinking.

The “plan” we all need one for every area of our life, we all “plan” to have one. Whether be it a plan to go on a vacation, finances, life or to lose weight. All of us are always looking for that magical plan for success. We forget that the magic is “planning to plan”. You will be suprised how many people just live life one day at a time, they have no milestones to achieve and hence never feel the need for a plan. They fit the line ” if you aim at nothing, you sure will hit something” perfectly. There was a time, I use to wonder why is that only a small percentage of people are successful, what do they do so different that they achieve success and I can not.

After reading numerous books, I can tell you that successful people always take time to plan their “plan”. In fact their planning is not for next year, or two but 10 – 15 years ahead. The most important part is that they have it written down with the minutest details and is updated regularly to have a clear idea of where they stand in time. If we all can work on getting that degree of clarity for our plan and go ahead and execute it to the best of our abilities, we will be successful. Will the plan always work perfectly – not necessarily, however even if we fail, we will fail forward. we will be better off than where we started. Have you ever noticed that we never forget to plan our vacation or an important event of our life (i.e wedding) but when it comes to planning life, we somehow seem to take it lightly.

I am a person who cannot preach what I do not practice. So before I sat down to write this article, I took the time to write down what I will achieve at the end of every single month from now till the end of this year. It will not only help me see clearly the task I have in hand but will also help me measure my progress. Not to mention, I just did not keep the plan with me but decided to go ahead and share it so I can be held accountable for my words.

As they say proper planning prevents poor performance – so why  not take the time to implement it in our day to day life. Be accountable to yourself and your goals. I am so excited to announce that I interviewed one of my features for my book yesterday. I have line ups of interview starting next week and this is the most exciting part of my journey as an author. You will always have stuff happening in your life, you can either use them as distractions or a reason to stay on course. The choices we make, makes us. Plan well, prepare and progress, because we are indvidually responsible for where we end up. We all are made same, so there is no reason why we all cannot be successeful. It is just a matter of digging deep within and bring out the best of you. Dig deep in to yourself and plan your success!!

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Success is in the daily habits

We all have great ideas and we all want to be successful in life. Then why is that very few people make it. Are they just lucky or they know the right people, or they have the gift of the gab and can impress people and move forward. May be some of the points mentioned here are true but I think the biggest quality all successful people have is the ability to be consistently persistent. Most of us lack this discipline because we either get dejected very fast or start basking on past work.

One thing I have learned over the years is to keep doing things to take your goal forward every day. It is very easy to slip one day and before you realize that one day becomes two, three and then a week passes by. Now it becomes too hard to pick back the momentum. I decided to write the book in midst of a massive change in our life. As I write this, I am trying to get our house rented, help our daughter select into an university, finding the right school for my son, finding a place for us to stay in a new place and the list just keep going on. Mind you the relocation is not from one city to another. It is from one country to a completely another country, new language, new environment etc. The point I am trying to make is it is easy to get distracted as we all have life and every excuse is a good one to have. But once you set a goal, it is important to make sure that you are doing your part to keep inching forward towards your goal. The only way one to achieve your goals is to stay consistent and persistent. Do not let anything deter you from your objectives.

It is quite an interesting time in my work as I research for people who I would like to feature in my book. The excitement of finding the person who you think would be a great fit and then reaching out to them with anxious thoughts on whether the person would bother getting back. Every step teaches you so many things if you are open and willing to learn. One thing I learnt was people are very receptive and open to listen and help. You just have to muster the courage to reach out and ask. Conquer your fears and do it anyways because “no” is given.

The coming few weeks are going to be exciting as I get to meet a set of people who are achievers and interview them. I get a chance to learn their inside story, how they overcame their struggles and what made them where they are today. Each of us have tremendous potential hidden within us, we can make an impact in the society, community that we live in in our own ways. All you need is a clean heart and a desire to pay it forward.

We are all achievers in our own way if you chose to be – so what you are not known out there to the masses. Do the best you can do, dig deeper within you to see what moves you and then go ahead and do it. You will be amazed how good it makes you feel.

Can’t wait to share the experience of interviewing people, it’s my first time and I am so looking forward to it. Until next time, keep digging deep you guys.

Enjoying the journey
Enjoying the journey!!
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Miles to go before I rest


It is very easy to get excited and be all ready to go at the heat of the moment,  everyone can do that, but the person who can keep going much after the emotional high has died down is the one who succeeds. Hence, it was important for me to keep that fire going and back it up with strong work ethic.

I am just Having said that – you always need someone to keep you on track. Did you know that the ability for an airplane to go from one place to another with accuracy without course correction is impossible. On an average, any airplane that takes off will actually be of course for 96% of its flight. So a flight from New York to Los Angeles requires an ability to constantly evaluate its position and be able to make necessary corrections. Gadgets are always there to guide but what it needs is a good pilot. Someone who can listen for instructions from multiple sources, as well as get additional information by scanning the skies thus helping the plane to constantly correct its course.

Just like the plane, in life we need a good pilot who can correct our course at the right time. Relatives are good and they can be a great support but they may not always be the ‘Pilot” that you need for your course correction. I must say, I found my “pilot” at the right time and I was willing to listen. Remember it is a two way street, in order for the “pilot” to be effective, you need to let them correct you.

My “pilot” has the innate ability to keep me on course. That’s the reason I have been able to dig deeper within me to keep the fire burning and keep the process moving. I must say, I am loving this journey, every day is a new day with a new task in hand and the thrill of learning and unlearning.

We all have that ability – open your mind, allow people to come in to your life and help you, do the course correction. Some days it wont be easy, but it will definitely be worth it, if you chose to.

Can’t wait to share my onward journey……..until then dig deeper!!!

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Onwards – the journey has finally begun!

They say journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step – but it is this first step that probably is the most hardest, full of confusion and doubt, emotionally overwhelming, mentally challenging and the fear of uncertainties. Isn’t that the human nature though – it does not matter what you want to start these are the type of emotions and mental dialogues we all go through. When it comes to ourselves, our confidence somewhere seems to get shaky and then we try to postpone it for the next day. Trust me, I was no different. Even though I come from marketing & communications background, it took me sometime to finally get on my journey.

If you want something bad enough, there is nothing that can stop you. The funny thing is the universe will carve the path for you. All you have to do is to be in the mindset and when it comes to you, just grab it and run. One such person I met at a social gathering at a friend’s place when a very faint sign showed up. The words of the person just grabbed my attention and I was the only person in the room who took the pain to write down some of the things mentioned by him. I went back home, researched, but it fell on the bay side as the time had not come yet. The second time I got a chance to meet the person at their home and it felt as if floodgates had opened. They say – the proof is in the pudding. I got a chance to hear and see what meticulous planning is and how with just proper planning with a purpose you can shape your life.

The words of encouragement kept ringing in my ears as I drove away from the house and something inside me started churning. A desire that I always had suddenly did not seem like just a desire but had translated into a definiteness of purpose. A desire to write a book had suddenly gained its strength and momentum and I did not waste anytime. Within a week from that meeting, I had already written my preface, the title chapters and what I wanted my book to do.

I know this is just the start and there is a lot to do and i am excited for it. If you are like me, sitting on a fence, look for that person who can bring out that deep desire into action and start your journey. Time is now, so let’s get it done.


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