How often do you listen to your gut?

brain-544412_640Gut – a very powerful organ in our body that drives our healthy quotient. They say that most root causes of diseases starts from your gut. So I guess quite an important part of our healthy living. You would think, given the fact that it is such an important part, we would pay more attention. Do you really?

I know you are probably wondering what on earth is an article on guts doing to a business audience; especially when most of the readers who are smart, intellectual, accomplished, and knows how to make right decisions? Trust me; I am not deviating from business topic here.  I know in business numbers speak and they never lie and show us a pattern but can you really get passed the feeling in your gut when making a crucial decision. Some of you could be highly accomplished executives or business owners who are blessed with a superb analytical brain and can read everything through numbers, but you can never defy the feeling of your guts.

Most accomplished entrepreneur has taken decisions based on their gut feeling and more often than not it has always turned out to be in the right direction. Of course you cannot ignore the importance of numbers, but there is something about the “hunch”. However, you would largely find senior business executive always tries to base their decisions off crunched numbers. Not sure why that happens, maybe it is the lack of risk taking ability when compared to an entrepreneur. What are you really afraid to lose –  the hefty package, the bonuses, the health benefits, the Harry Rosen suit and the swanky automobile?

Have you ever measured it against the joy of taking the risk and enjoying the success of the decision? Maybe it is worth giving a thought. Think rich, think different.

A Ted Ex video on the same topic just opened my eyes on the huge possibilities that we all can miss out just because we are scared to listen to our gut feel. I hope that the video showcased here, gives you the same belief as it has given me to know that it is OK to listen to your gut at times.


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