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Blogging is not about having an online diary which you can use to reveal your mind to the world. It is a very powerful and low cost tool to create your brand an authority in the subject that matters to you.  Everyone is an expert at something, what you need to do is to hone in on the target audience you want to address and let the world know the subject matter of your expertise. Blogging has made the concept of being an expert, or authority in any industry, much easier.0c81a9b0-526a-4cac-9771-1a2f6434bb9e

It is actually changing the way content is being created across the Internet. Here are some numbers for you to understand the power of blogging:

  • 48% of Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs Are Managed With WordPress
  • 6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress
  • WordPress-Related Keywords Score 37 Million Searches Per Month
  • 40 Translations of WordPress
  • 22% of New U.S. Registered Domains Run on WordPress
  • com Gets More Unique Visitors Than Amazon (Us)
  • 6 New Posts Every Second
  • 29,000 WordPress Plugins and Growing Daily
  • 46 Million Downloads of

Based on the numbers above, you can see that WordPress and blogging is not to be taken lightly and it means serious business.

Setting up your blog and brand

First thing you need is to create a blog. As long as you want to use the blog for your personal branding for online resume try and secure the domain name which is actually your first and last name (for eg: my domain name is ). This will also help you ran higher in the search results. If you already have an established business or brand that you would like to setup a blog for, this can easily be done by adding a fresh WordPress install to a sub-directory of your site. (

For some of you who have never done blogging, the idea of downloading software and setting up etc can be a bit overwhelming. However there are great tutorials available on YouTube and if you just follow it, you will be good. Best of all, setting up your blog is free. The only thing you will need is a domain name, web hosting and the latest free version of WordPress.

Build you authority through blogging

Once your blog is live, it’s time to put its powers to work! If you aren’t currently ranking for your name in search results, it may take some time to gain the necessary backlinks and authority to get your site to rank. The important thing is to be patient when tracking results — SEO takes times, but it’s well worth the investment. Here is a resource that has helped a lot of people and its worth taking a look. He has helped many secure nearly the whole first page of rankings for my personal name “Zac Johnson” in Google. Follow these steps and integrate them into your personal branding or online business efforts to see maximum results.

1.Create A Blog That Provides Value

Anything you blog, it should be of high quality and must provide value to the reader. This will also ensure that your readers keep coming back for more and it in turn creates stickability. This is what will matter most for your brand and reputation.

2.Use The Power Of Social Media

Everyone is on social media — over 2 billion users to be exact. This means you should be creating a social profile for both your personal and business name. Social networks are also a great way to rank for your name in the search results, as Google ranks sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest much higher and faster than other sites.

3.Contribute Content To Other Niche Sites

To become an expert in your industry, you must expand your reach and presence as well. A great way to do this is through the use of guest blogging and writing high quality content that can be posted on other sites. The sites you are writing for get high quality content and you will gain exposure, along with a potential link back to your site.

4.Share Your Expertise And Gain Media Coverage

News and media sites are always looking for new content and expert contributions. Sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc continually reach out to experts and provide them with mentions, references and quotes in exchange for their time. A great way to approach this would be to contact editors who are already publishing articles to these sites and seeing how you might be able to provide them with a reference and get a possible mention or link back in their next article.

5.Produce High Quality Content

In addition to writing content on other sites and getting media coverage, you should also focus your efforts on creating ebooks, guides, and infographics that people would recommend and share with others. After following these blogging best practices, you will start to see not only your blog rank higher in the search results for your personal or brand name, but you will also gain exposure and become a trusted industry authority.

In addition to the impact of each of these methods, they are also very cost effective. Nearly all of these practices can be put in place with little to no money; just your time, effort and expertise is required and most importantly willingness to learn.

Take action today and become an authority within your industry, while also dominating the search results for your name in the process!




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