I am Learning – Are You?

The time between my last post and today as I write has been very exciting. I am extremely fortunate to have got the opportunity to meet some amazing people as I continue my journey for Onwards, my book. They are people just like us, the same two eyes, two hands, one nose, two legs but the magic is all in the three pound brain. That is what differentiate us from each other.

So far, I have finished interviewing 3 amazing women and I can assure you that you are in for a treat when you read their journey. The reason to succeed could be different for all of us but the road to success is the same. There is a common thread amongst all of them. The fire in the belly and the desire to do more in their lifetime. Each story is so different than the other, yet you can almost string them together to create an amazing harmony.  Without giving too much details, here are some nuggets that you can take note of and start implementing in your life to elevate it to the next level:

Never give up: In order to succeed in anything, you have to develop the resilient attitude. I am sure you have heard the saying – “Winners never quit and quitters never win”. In order for you to see your dream to fruition, you got to hang in there, do whatever it takes to make sure that you make your dream come true. Never ever give up on your dream.

Be responsible: So often you hear people making excuses for why they could not achieve something. I am not saying your excuses are not genuine, but either you give excuses or you figure it out. Be accountable for your actions, take charge of your life and work so hard that universe has to grant your wishes. No can do it for you and no one will – so if it is up to anyone it is only up to you.

Stay strong: Adversity is part of life, which is the law of the nature. We all have to go through our share of adversity. It is how we deal with it and what we do when we are going through an adversity will make us or break us. Don’t get so focused on the challenge that you can no longer see the solution. Because in adversity there definitely is an equal or greater seed of opportunity. You need to keep your adversity in rear view and not let it tale over your windshield.

Shift your focus:  Most people are running after making money in their desire to get wealthy. What they do not realize is that most wealthy people have never run after the money. They always believed in a cause so boldly and pursued it with so much passion and belief that the idea started to generate money. If you just focus on making the money, you might not be able to persist for long, however when you are passionate what you are doing, you will see it till the end no matter what, thereby making you successful.

The above mentioned nuggets do not come so easily, you need to work on it on a daily basis. Dig deep inside you to see what moves you, what inspires you and follow your heart. Surround yourself with things, people that will continue to fuel the fire of achievement in you. Seek out help to make sure you stay on course. Have an open mind to listen and learn. Work on a bigger heart because those who serve the masses, live in classes.


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