Miles to go before I rest


It is very easy to get excited and be all ready to go at the heat of the moment,  everyone can do that, but the person who can keep going much after the emotional high has died down is the one who succeeds. Hence, it was important for me to keep that fire going and back it up with strong work ethic.

I am just Having said that – you always need someone to keep you on track. Did you know that the ability for an airplane to go from one place to another with accuracy without course correction is impossible. On an average, any airplane that takes off will actually be of course for 96% of its flight. So a flight from New York to Los Angeles requires an ability to constantly evaluate its position and be able to make necessary corrections. Gadgets are always there to guide but what it needs is a good pilot. Someone who can listen for instructions from multiple sources, as well as get additional information by scanning the skies thus helping the plane to constantly correct its course.

Just like the plane, in life we need a good pilot who can correct our course at the right time. Relatives are good and they can be a great support but they may not always be the ‘Pilot” that you need for your course correction. I must say, I found my “pilot” at the right time and I was willing to listen. Remember it is a two way street, in order for the “pilot” to be effective, you need to let them correct you.

My “pilot” has the innate ability to keep me on course. That’s the reason I have been able to dig deeper within me to keep the fire burning and keep the process moving. I must say, I am loving this journey, every day is a new day with a new task in hand and the thrill of learning and unlearning.

We all have that ability – open your mind, allow people to come in to your life and help you, do the course correction. Some days it wont be easy, but it will definitely be worth it, if you chose to.

Can’t wait to share my onward journey……..until then dig deeper!!!

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2 thoughts on “Miles to go before I rest

  1. Great post Subarna.
    Keep digging deeper and deeper at one place till you find the gem. People dig very shalow and move to next hole and keep complaining about no success. It’s very easy these days ti get distracted but if you stick on one thing long enough, results are bound to happen. Congratulations! You found your Pilot as they say when student is ready teacher will apear.

    Good luck and looking forward to your next post.


  2. Ah – great post! Motivation! The great challenge! It’s a tricky thing to find and and then to hold on to ~ and of course, what drives you might not drive me. So interesting!

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