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Embracing change

Embracing Change


Change the word we all are weary about – we all have to go through it whether we like it or not.  Change puts us in uncomfortable surroundings and none of us like to be in. What we need to realise that whether it is for good or bad, change is the only constant in life. More than often when we look back we realize that it all worked out good. The funny thing is we know all this and yet we always fight the “change”. It is just not comfortable to embrace change without flinching.

I am a big believer of the power of universe – I truly believe that if you send your desires and expectations with utmost belief, strong work ethic to achieve it and positivity, the universe has to grant it to you. I would definitely say that the books “Secret” and “Magic” by Rhonda Byrne has really helped me redefine my thoughts and the way I look at things and in the bargain shape my life. If you are going through a phase of life where nothing make sense and you feel that anything you do is not resulting into progress, take the time to read the two books and let it help you change you. Keep an open mind when you read it and do the suggested exercise with faith and see the magic happen in your life. About 6 months back, I was down and under beaten by life and its challenges. It felt like the harder I worked to make our life better the faster I was regressing. It came to a point where I wondered whether it will ever get better and started questioning my capabilities. It would not be wrong to say that I was heading for depression and my self confidence was rock bottom. Mind you I was a team leader of a multi-level company and have over 200 people in my team who looked up to me for hope. I felt as if I was living two lives – one I would put up as a game face and another one when I was by myself. It was really getting tough as I am a genuine person inside and out and here I was trying to give hope to people with no hope for myself. Thankfully I had a few close friends who always stood by me and understood me and always believed in me. This is when I came across the book “Magic” and I must say I held on to that book and it has really transformed my life.

As I write this post, I am sitting in Costa Rica as we had to relocate from Toronto because of my husband’s job. It is indeed a big change in our life. Never thought we would be living in Central America, always dreamt of being in North America. We have been living in Toronto for almost 13 years and suddenly to uproot everything and move to an unknown country, different language, different culture and just about everything. So what do you do – sit and whine about it or say let’s explore. It’s all in your attitude. You can either think that you are one of the few chosen one who gets to see another part of the world, learn another language (Spanish) or keep complaining. The choice is totally yours. We have decided to make this move, a way to start an amazing life. Do our kids have to make changes – of course but they will react the way, they see their parents react about the change. We chose to believe that with the new change will come new and better beginnings. We truly believe that this is the second wind that we were looking for; it will catapult growth and prosperity in every area of our life. Sure it is not going to be a cake walk but it cannot be that difficult too, it’s the way you look at things.

Let the change, change you, embrace it with open arms because in order for things to get better, it has to go through a change. Remember a caterpillar cannot transform into a beautiful butterfly until it allows it to become a cocoon and stay there until it is the right time. If the caterpillar fights that change it can never be as beautiful and free flying around. We all have hidden powers that we need to bring it out – we need to let it go and let universe work to change us.

Face it, embrace it, accept it!!

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