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Personal Branding tips for Solopreneur

macbook-apple-imac-computer-39284Solopreneur – you are it! I have so many friend who are solopreneur and I see them day in and day out focused on acquiring the next client so that the money keeps rolling in. As much as bringing in new client is important, it is equally imperative that the brand also gets built so that as a sole entrepreneur you can work your business smartly.s a solopreneur you are as much responsible if not more to build your brand’s image as bringing in the new client. Every author, dentist, real estate agents, accountants, start-ups and other business owners and service providers are solopreneurs in industries where one’s personal brand matters. On one hand, representing your brand by yourself can assure you maintain a consistent voice throughout your social media and content marketing. However, it also means that all of the decisions and work that go into creating a digital presence fall on you.

As a Solo entrepreneur, you have be very cognizant of building your brand and there are plenty of creative ways to create a consistent, marketable brand across multiple platforms without the support of an entire team. I’ve helped and worked with start-up businesses both with co-founders and as a solopreneur, and when you’re on your own you have to make it happen, to use time efficient strategies to build your brand. Here’s some of what I’ve learned.

Communicate Your Unique Value Proposition through your Bio

Most social media platform offers you room to write a bit about yourself. Some, like Twitter and Instagram, will require a bit more creativity, while Facebook and Linkedin will give you all the leeway you need. In this section of your profile, make sure your message is uniform and clear across all your platforms. If you are a solopreneur, you are the company. Your words and style are part of what makes you attractive. Pick certain words that you associate with your brand and stick to them so that customers can easily search and find you when they want to know more.

Be sure to add a personal touch, add a human element to your brand. Be authentic, your customers will choose you because you share their values and have something unique to give them. Let them in on what you believe so they begin to see you as relatable. You have a valuable opportunity to be seen as an ally and a friend when it comes to solving their problems.

Finally, invest in some crisp and pleasant professional headshots to emphasize your ability and unique spin on the industry

Build Authority In Your Industry By Joining Groups

Facebook and LinkedIn have plethora of groups that focus on specific industries or interests. Joining a group is an easy way to keep track of the conversations about your industry and to share your knowledge and experience. Do not just join, participate so that people can notice you and you are looked as a thought leader.

Share as much pertinent information as you can, but stay away from sales pitches in your posts and responses in these groups. You may risk turning off potential clients. Instead, make sure all your information is linked back directly to your profile or your website so that others can find out more information if they’re intrigued.

Use Your Personal Instagram Account

Instagram is a platform meant to show the “real” side of people’s lives and businesses. People follow people who are authentic and genuine. Followers want to get insights into how you live your life, what causes you support, who your customers are and where you are finding success. Instagram is the perfect place to show people a mix of the personal and professional and allows them to think of you as a real person they can trust.

When using Instagram for personal branding, you don’t want to get overly personal though. As a solopreneur, you are your brand and any small error can cause you major damage. Use it to tell the story of your journey of acquiring client, maybe your daily routine, your freedom to work from anywhere etc. Remember to stay away from going on rants about politics, religion or any other hot topics.

Set Up Google Alerts Around Your Name And Keywords Related To Your Brand

If you want to establish yourself as an industry thought leader, jump into pertinent discussions and express your opinion publicly to create a name for yourself. Set up Google Alerts for your name, company name and your target keywords so you can stay on top of the conversation about your industry and observe your own positioning. Google Alerts are free and easy to set up, so you don’t have to constantly monitor the news and all your social media accounts for news or mentions.

Similarly, many social media management tools like HootSuite allow you to create personal social media streams that notify you whenever your name or brand comes up. Take advantage of these new tools to stay on top of industry trends and discussions so you always have your finger on the pulse of your business.

When you’re a solopreneur, you need to pay attention to your personal brand as it is often intertwined with your business. These tactics will help you have more power and control over your online presence and ultimately, establish more valuable relationships with your customers.


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