Winding down 2015

imagesIt’s that time of the year when we are looking back at the year to see how it has been, the gains, the losses, the wins, the failures and the memories we were able to create. Indeed, it just happens by default that as we are winding down the year, we tend to start focusing on the introspection. Have you ever thought of doing this at the end of every month? Do you think your year would end up differently? There must be a reason why corporations look at their balance sheets month to month – we all take part in that if you work for a company. Why have you never thought of implementing it in your own life?

We all make our resolutions for the new year, but it is equally important to make sure you are on track with those resolution. As we all know, 90% of the resolutions made are never followed through. That’s why you see the gym full of people from January to February end and then it goes back to the regular people because most people cannot stay on track.

It is great to have the intention to change, however in order for change to happen there needs to be a mental shift. If you knew how to bring about the change, you would have done it by now. So to do things differently, you need to think differently. That means you need to program your mind differently and for that you need to seek out knowledge. I recently did series of 10 videos on Success Mindset Tips that talks about various processes you can follow, some books and also suggested. You can check it out at

Success takes work and it takes a conscious effort. Do not let another year go by with the same work ethic and thinking. Be open to change, be willing to listen and learn. Here is wishing you all a great 2016!

Keep learning, keep growing!

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